The two words that send candidates into a frizzy is “job interview”. Whether for a new job or transferring to another position with employer – interviewing can bring on nervousness and anxiety not matter how the level of qualifications. Everyone desires to stand out amongst the crowd of a pool of equally talented applicants.
We totally get it! In order to get noticed, spend time developing a few key authentic interview skills that will help you connect with the interviewer by clearly articulating your value to the company, you will find yourself hired for the job.

1. Do your background research.

Conducting research about your prospective future employer is key. If you walk in without any knowledge of the company’s history or core values, lack of research could put a nail in the coffin to winning landing the job. Research! Research!

2. Pay attention to Your Body Language

Believe it or not, hiring managers count points toward your overall interview based upon your body language. A few key pointers:

  • Sit up straight to show you’re interested with confidence.
  • Keep eye contact so you look honest, but don’t just lock in a stare, because then you look aggressive.
  • Avoid nodding too much. Show agreement, but too many nods and you start to look like you don’t truly care.

Review your own resume.

There is nothing more embarrassing than not reviewing your previous work history and forget key work experience information. Do not make that mistake! Refresh your memory with accomplishments as well, especially old jobs.

Dress to Impress

Let’s face it, you are judged by your image. Yes it matters that you are well groomed and polished. Generally, for most professional jobs that means a suit, or one step lower. My advice to candidate’s is to play it safe by dressing business professional. It is better to be overdressed than underdressed, in most industries.

Prepare your questions.

Preparing questions show you have a high interest in the position. Always ask questions about the challenges of the position, what success looks like, and how this position fits in with the organization’s goals. This will show you truly desire to succeed in the position which will make a lasting impression.