Carmen Drummond

DEI Workforce Strategy Consultant

Carmen Drummond SPHR, is an HR Analyst with 10 years of experience supporting the federal government, non-profits, and private companies. With an IT background and industry experience with Diversity and Inclusion, she has been providing services to businesses and organizations to help them create D&I strategies that create inclusive cultures, D&I competent personnel, and training to meet modern-day industry and workforce needs. As a Qualified Inclusive Leader, she has been able to provide innovative solutions that increase engagement and growth. Carmen believes that if companies take care of their employees, the employees will take care of the company. She is dedicated to. streamlining and implementing processes that are impactful but works in a way that is felt throughout an organization and backed by its leaders. Carmen holds several professional HR certifications to include, including Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace and Qualified Inclusive Leadership.

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